Welcome to my delicious food blog

Cocoo! Just take a look around here on my food blog! You will find cool food photos and really delicious and quite healthy recipes. You will discover recipes from known and unknown chefs/cooks which I covered, modified, individualised. Whatever! It is just a little bit like covering a song in music industry.

This food blog Cover Cooking was just created a few weeks ago, so I’m still experimenting to find the right and delicious form for it. From time to time there will be some smaller and bigger changes – heavy construction is still in progress on this stage. So do not worry about what you sometimes might see on your screen and what will suddenly appear or disappear…

And step by step I will change the language from german to english. So please be patient with me….

Really home made

The dishes I show you on this food blog are all prepared/cooked by myself and all the photos were shot by myself! O.k., every now and then my daughter was assisting me during preparation or shooting. Thanks a lot, Lilu! You are wonderfull!
In the end it is all deliciously home made! Be sure about that!

The concept of Cover Cooking

Delicious and quite healthy food, that is just the one side of Cover Cooking. There stands a quite elaborated concept behind Cover Cooking. You will find all information about the whole concept of Cover Cooking, the thoughts and ideas including the photo concept under the category „Concept“. So, if interested, please just take a look there! It is worth it, I promise!

Enjoy this food blog!

Hopefully you enjoy the ideas and photos and the dishes of Cover Cooking. You can find me on instagram as well! Please give me your feedback!


Have fun,










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