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… Lately I’m experimenting on pancakes with the intention to make spinach a little bit more attractive for my kids. So I developed this receipt of buckwheat spinach super green pancakes with a knife point of green matcha powder to give my pancakes a healthier and greener nutritional aspect. They are really very delicious but I guess the color is frightening my kids – I do not know why because they enjoy eating green or blue M&Ms and stuff like that … Something is wrong here! Maybe these super green pancakes are only for grown-ups! At the moment I prefer to pair them  in a classic way with fried eggs, finely grated parmesan cheese and a splash of truffle oil and fleur de sel and fresh ground black pepper. Green & delicious! FOR ABOUT 8 PANCAKES FOR 4 PERSONS


250 g deep-frozen spinach, defrosted
25 g buckwheat flour
25 g crème fraiche
4–8 eggs
1 knife point green matcha powder
1/2 a teaspoon fleur de sel
fresh ground black pepper


4 –8 eggs
parmesan cheese
truffle oil (if you like)


14 In a bowl mix all ingredients thoroughly with a blender. Please note: There’s no need to press out the water of the defrosted spinach because it contains a lot of minerals from this vegetable and you will need the liquid for the dough anyway.
13 Put one or two small non-stick frying pans on a medium heat and
12 add a little bit of butter.

11 When the butter is melted and the pans are hot,
10 fill the pancake dough in the pans.
9 Turn the pancakes when they start to show up little bubbles on the surface and when they move back and forth when you move the pans.

8 Fry from the other side.
7 Transfer to a plate and
6 proceed like this with the remaining dough.

5 Then add again a little bit of butter in your pans and
4 fry the eggs;
3 disperse some fleur de sel on each egg.
2 Serve eggs with pancakes by grating finely parmesan cheese onto all.
1 Serve each potion with a splash of truffle oil if wished…



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