WARNING: This is no serving suggestion! This photo I created for artistic reasons, with a twinkle in the eye. So, do not take it seriously and do not copy it, it is dangerous! However, the recipe for the hot & spicy oil below works perfect if you fill the oil in a bottle and not in a lighter!!!

My universal spice

… This oil helps me to save a lot of time in my kitchen. I use it quite often instead of fresh cut chilli because it is so comfortable – I always have it in stock and the spicy flavour spreads equally inside the meal. Plus, if you prepare spicy oil yourself you can control the quality of the oil! A good point, isn’t it? O.k., there’s a disadvantage: You need to calculate 4 to 6 weeks before the oil is turning really hot from the spices. But, as a good point: If the chilli oil bottle is empty just pour oil on the spices in the same bottle for a second round and it will be ready in much less time… The chilli oil is a nice giveaway for friends or family. HOT! FOR A 0,5 l BOTTLE. Because a 0,5 litre bottle is still a handy size for hot & spicy oil



1 tablespoon coriander seeds
1 tbsp dried oregano
1 heaped tbsp dried small, red chilli
1 heaped tbsp dried crushed small, red chill with the seeds, because they are hot, hot, hot!
a 0,5 l bottle native olive oil
1 nozzle for the bottle
tip: prepare several bottle


8 Take the 0,5 l olive oil bottle and remove a little bit from the oil, to have room for the spices. Siphon the removed oil into a bottle of oil which is still opened.

7 Form a funnel with a sheet of paper and
6 plunge in the top of the 0,5 l bottle. Make sure the paper doesn’t get in contact with the remaining oil inside.
5 Now, carefully fill all the spices in the funnel to let them slide into the bottle. If some spices are stuck in the funnel use a chopstick to stuff their way into the bottle softly.

4 Close the bottle’s cap conscientiously. At first the spices swim on top of the oil. But after a little while they absorb the oil and sink to the bottom.

3 Let rest for 4 to 6 weeks.
2 Meanwhile overturn bottle from time to time to mix the ingredients.
1 When your hot & spicy oil is ready to use substitute the cab with the nozzle.
Ready !

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