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… Miso soup is my lately rediscoveryy. When I prepared it for the first time about 20 years ago I had to press 2 blocks of different kinds of intensive smelling miso through a small strainer for a soup. It was a real mess so I was not hungry any more when the soup was ready to eat. Nowadays You find a perfect organic miso paste mix that is even glutenfree. No need for a strainer or hard work anymore…  The amounts of all ingredients for the soup are not already fixed yet. As I said before – it is my lately rediscovery. But untill then – here’s a basic idea of preparing this really yummy miso soup. So rock on!  FOR 4 PERSONS


About 1 whole chicken breast without skin (means left and right side of the breast)
1 tablespoon of finely minced fresh mint
1 smaller onion
1 bigger clove of garlic
cayenne pepper or chilli oil
chilli flakes


2 eggs
1,5 liters of good vegetable broth (I’m not a fan of dashi …)

1/2 teaspoon of finely ground galangal
3 teaspoons of organic glutenfree miso paste
1 cube of ginger
4 pak choi
7 fresh shitake mushrooms
the juice of 1/2 a lime
a bigh splash of sake
1-2 soy sauce
some branches of basilic
a dozen of cherry tomatoes
some radish
sea salt
Your favorite kind of noodles, if You need gluten free. (For the foto I took buckwheat noodles but sometimes I take whatever I have in stock, for example penne, spaghetti or fusili …)


45 Bring water to boil,
44 add eggs and
simmer for 8 minutes (if size m + right out of fridge + directly into the boiling water)
42 Cool down the eggs in cold water.

41 Wash chicken breasts.
40 Dry them with paper towel.
39 Cut breasts into cubes and
38 pass through a meat chopper together with
37 the onion. (If You do not have a meat chopper take a knife or use already minced veal instead.)

36 Add the chopped mint leaves,
35 finely chopped garlic,
34 cayenne pepper or chilli oil,
32 pepper and
31 mix everything well.
30 Form small meatballs (The meat dough is very sticky and uncooperative.)
29 Store the raw meatballs on a plate.
28 Cook Your favorite noodles until al dente,
27 drain with cold water and
26 leave in a sieve.

25 In a large pot bring vegetable broth to boil.
24 Cut ginger into fine matchsticks or into fine slices and
23 add to broth together with
22 sake,
21 galangal,
20 soy sauce and
19 salt.
18 Clamp on the lid,
17 lower heat and
16 let it simmer for around 10 minutes.
15 Meanwhile cut tomatoes into halfs.
14 Finely slice shiitake heads and
13 tear off the leaves of the pak choi.
12 To the broth add vegetables,
11 miso,
10 meatballs and
9 cook for 5 minutes.
Then stop heat,
7 add basilic leaves
6 lemon juice
5 Clamp on the lid for 5 minutes. (without any heat!)
4 Serve with finely sliced radish
3 noodles,
2 egg and
1 some chilli flakes.


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