I do adore rhubarb!

You might know the kind of desserts where you’re layering crumbled meringues, whipped cream and frozen red fruits for several times in a big bowl and then you have to leave it into the fridge for about two hours. Then the frozen fruits are getting soft, cooling down the whipped cream… This is the inverted version of this method. Layering crumbled meringues, whipping cream and stewed rhubarb and than putting it into the freezer for about two hours for the rhubarb is getting colder. Why this inverted version? Just because I really love rhubarb! So this is the perfect sweet and sour combination I appreciate. For all those sweet and sour days in springtime, whatever this means … However it is a short period of time in the year where you will find fresh and beautiful rhubarb.
True love! For 4 PERSONS


600 g beautiful rhubarb
35 g sugar
80 g meringues
250 g cream
1/4teaspoon vanilla powder


16 Cut rhubarb into small slices around 7 mm.
15 Put into a bowl and
14 add sugar,
13 add vanilla powder.
12 Stir thoroughly.
11 Let marinate for about 20–30 minutes. So no need of additional water for boiling afterwards.

10 Fill marinated rhubarb and all its delicious juice into a pan and
9 bring to a boil.
8 Stir and boil until rhubarb is soft.
7 Put away from heat and let it cool down to ambient temperature.

6 Meanwhile crumble the meringues into small pieces into a wide bowl.
5 Whip cream and
4 spread all over the meringue crumbs.
3 Add rhubarb and
2 fold vertical with a bench scraper and fold horizontal in circular.
1 Cover the bowl with cling film and put into the freezer for two hours.

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