Late Breakfast

Sometimes it needs herbs and nuts and lots of colors – for late breakfast or early lunch – it’s a matter of personal definition. It is so easy to get in a good mood on a weekend, when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. But on a rainy, cloudy Monday or Tuesday it is so much harder. At least it is hard for me every now and then. Some people solve this issue with screen savers on their computer, showing the perfect beach from their fantastic holiday. However for me this doesn’t work, it would even depress me. Having a late colorful breakfast or early lunch this is rather my way to cope with it. It is prepared easily and it doesn’t take too much time. It can be prepared at home when working in a home office or directly in an office. You just need to become in a decorative mood and basically that’s it. Taste and colors will start to play their part in a positive way and that’s the moment when sun comes out on a cloudy day called Monday or Tuesday. Time for the first smile of the day. No? Am I overdrawing? It’s worth trying! 
toasted rye bread
roasted nuts
goat cheese
good, salted butter
fleur de sel

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