A childrens’ dream!

… In our family we create names for things we love. For example the word „Budelbest“ comes from best tasting noodle nest. Note: Budelbester is the plural. My younger daughter even ignores the very obvious „green“ herbs in this dish which happens not that often. On top, the Budelbester are perfect to eat them cold for a picnic. Yummy!  FOR ONE BAKING TRAY FOR 4–6 PERSONS



500g spaghetti
5 big cloves of garlic
2 bunches of parsley
6 eggs
140g parmesan
spicy chilli oil
olive oil
fleur de sel
black pepper
2 baking trays
baking paper

Please note: Gluten free spaghetti unfortunately don’t work for the cold picnic version. They only taste good in the hot version, served right after preparation.


22 Preheat oven to 280° Celsius

21 Cook spaghetti according to the packet instruction,
20 quench and
19 drain.

18 In a big bowl beat the eggs.
17 Add garlic via garlic press,
16 finely chop parsley,
15 finely grate parmesan,
14 1,5–2 soupspoons chilli oil,
13 a good pinch of fleur de sel and
12 pepper.
11 Mix all with the spaghetti in the big bowl.

10 Cover a baking tray with baking paper.
9 Then brush a good amount of olive oil onto the paper.
8 Spread spaghetti/egg mixture on the oily paper.
7 Brush a good amount of olive oil onto the spaghetti,
6 cover with baking paper and
5 strongly press the bottom of the second baking tray on top of it. That looks like a sort of baking tray sandwich.

4 Place the baking tray sandwich in the middle part of the oven and
3 bake 20 minutes until spaghetti are crisp.
2 Cut with a pair kitchen scissors in 12–16 parts and
1 serve Budelbester immediately.


Serve with fleur de sel and chilli oil.

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