Outside crispy and inside raw

… In my personal cooking universe this is the perfect preparation for fresh salmon.
The trick is, to leave the skin on and to fry the fish right out of the fridge (cold, not frozen) in real hot oil for just a very short time. I use my wok for this, it is a real multitool.

The recipe is really very simple, but regarding the hot oil in the wok I would not consider this preparation for beginners. At least you should be a little experienced with burning oil in a wok… If not, it might be dangerous for you.

Here I served the salmon with a warm beluga lentils and arugula salad. Just prepare the lentils according to the packet instructions. Leave them in the pan but pour the remaining water. Add a bigger amount of vinegar, salt and pepper and a small onion, finely chopped. Stir and let marinate while leaving lid on. Before serving add arugula and taste and season to perfection. Meanwhile keep warm and prepare the salmon.

Fill 1,5 litres of colza oil in your wok. Heat wok massively. Cut the salmon into slices, rub fleur de sel on the surface of the salmon slices. Then carefully place salmon in the really hot wok by using barbecue tongs.
Please make sure you don’t throw the slices into the burning oil to avoid being burnt. Also avoid water on the surface or inside the fish. It will explode inside the oil, so don’t use frozen fish or low quality fish!)
After 1 minute turn and leave for another minute until the surface is crisp. Remove from oil onto paper towels to absorb any excess cooking oil.
Serve immediately with the warm beluga lentils. Spread some nori and black sesam all over.

I personally love the salmon’s crispy skin as well as my little daughter does. But it is not everybody taste. So remove if you feel better.

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