A real beauty

… I asked my mother for some edible flowers from her very huge and impressing organic garden – to pimp up my breakfast a little bit and to make a real feast out of it! Just to get in good mood while eating breakfast on a working day.
Here is the beautiful and tasty result. But please make sure you only use organic and edible flowers. And by the way don’t use nasturtium blossoms, they are too spicy. Use something tender.  Very yummy! FOR 1 PERSON


greek yoghurt
1 tablespoon of chia seeds
2-3 mint leaves
some organic and tender edible blossoms like for example calendula, cornflower …
a hand full of fresh berries
like blueberrys, raspberries, strawberries
half the zest of a organic lemon, grated
1 tablespoon of grated dark chocolate
if you wish add some honey


9 In a bowl add chia seeds to the yoghurt, mix well and leave for about 20 minutes.
8 Grate half of the lemon zest.
Cut big mint leaves into small slices or use very small mint leaves.
6 Spread berries,
5 grated zest and
4 grated chocolate over your chia yoghurt.

3 Add mint leaves and
2 blossoms.
1 Enjoy immediately.



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