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Cauliflower is something that – in a wrong kind of preparation – it might happen to be quite boring. At least this is what it appears to me. Honestly, I would never ever have the idea to order a cauliflower soup in a restaurant and spend money for it. No, no, no! And I can’t imagine preparing it at home for myself or for my family. However, I really do prefer the oven baked version with caramelised, creamy feta cheese, roasted golden pine nuts and a few leaves of fresh green mint, which is cut into tiny little slices. Yummy! It’s super tasty and it’s super simple to prepare. And it seems to be even healthy. So try this out! Delicious! FOR 4 PERSONS


1 large and beautiful bio cauliflower
minced feta
200g pine nuts
mint leaves – a hand full
black pepper
fleur de sel
olive oil
spicy chilli oil


14 Set the oven at 225°C

13 Split the cauliflower into its smaller parts.
12 Put the cauliflower into a roasting dish and
11 add some olive oil,
10 chilli oil,
9 a good amount of fleur de sel and
8 black pepper.
7 Put into the oven for 30 minutes.
6 Meanwhile roast the pine nuts in a pan without any addition of oil until they are golden.
5 After 30 minutes turn the cauliflower and add the feta.
Put into the oven for another 15 minutes.
3 Remove and
toss the fresh mint cut into small slices (apart from the smallest leaves.)
Serve instantly.

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