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What a chance! After the weekend you stay with a nice amount of good and nasty food which is not eaten and leftover. What a treasure of time and taste this might be! However in my family it is not at all popular to prepare the same meal on two following days ... so I learned to be patient about my second [...]


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Green Goodness! ... Lately I'm experimenting on pancakes with the intention to make spinach a little bit more attractive for my kids. So I developed this receipt of buckwheat spinach super green pancakes with a knife point of green matcha powder to give my pancakes a healthier and greener nutritional aspect. They are really very [...]


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Blossoms & Leaves ... When I was a little child in the kindergarden I went with my friends to the meadows to collect blossoms and to pick and eat sorrel or to suck clover's nectar! What a joy! .... My mother always cultivated lots of organic herbs and vegetables in her enormous garden and on [...]


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Trial and error   ... Just for the nice picture I post my experiment to make a caponata. I found a receipe and I thought it might be delicious and especially it could be delightful with grilled meat or fish. (As it is supposed to be spring outside, but here it is not.) At the [...]


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Simple and healthy ... In winter time when tomatoes aren't that 100 percent tasty like in summer time they need a real hot treatment in the oven. Like the oven baked tomatoes in this soup! The oven get's out of them all the great taste! And no need to add sugar then. With the [...]


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Super easy and super tasty! Cauliflower is something that – in a wrong kind of preparation – it might happen to be quite boring. At least this is what it appears to me. Honestly, I would never ever have the idea to order a cauliflower soup in a restaurant and spend money for it. No, [...]