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Fast Food ... My favorite fast food – quickly and easily prepared all year long. This is banana toast. All you have to do is to toast some slices of real good sourdough bread. While warm cover the toasted slices of bread with good salty butter. Cut the banana into halves and place them on [...]


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Say yes to homemade bagels! ... You’ll need 2 days for preparation and you won't regret it.Yummy! 8 BAGELS INGREDIENTS 500 g flour, type 550+ some extra flour1 package of dry yeast1 pinch of vanilla powder2 teaspoons of salt1 teaspoon of sugar1 heaped tablespoons of barley malt25 g of soft butter280 ml lukewarm water 1 [...]


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Green Goodness! ... Lately I'm experimenting on pancakes with the intention to make spinach a little bit more attractive for my kids. So I developed this receipt of buckwheat spinach super green pancakes with a knife point of green matcha powder to give my pancakes a healthier and greener nutritional aspect. They are really very [...]


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Blossoms & Leaves ... When I was a little child in the kindergarden I went with my friends to the meadows to collect blossoms and to pick and eat sorrel or to suck clover's nectar! What a joy! .... My mother always cultivated lots of organic herbs and vegetables in her enormous garden and on [...]


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An estival snack ... Still I'm astonished how basil, peppers and anchovy flavours melt together in this meal and keep a perfect balance between each other. I would not believe this if I hadn't tasted it. So try this out! The peppers are easily prepared and a light, healthy and affordable summer meal. So, nothing [...]


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Solid ... From time to time I need something real basic, like these spicy meat loaf sandwiches. They are a variation of the classic german so called "Leberkässemmel" so I do not want to count the calories here ... Leberkäs is some sort of meat loaf, rather fat I'm afraid. In a vegetarian version I [...]


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It’s quick to prepare and it’s delicious ... So who says sandwiches aren’t healthy? You can stuff them with lots of vitamins and freshness. Leftover salad leaves in your fridge, left herbs – they all match perfectly for this delicious vegetarian sandwich. On the photo I used baby spinach and romaine lettuce, thinly sliced garden [...]


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Schnipp, schnapp – Kresse ab! Diese preiswerten Ruck-zuck-Vitamine gibt es mittlerweile immer und fast überall. Kresse ist im Nu verzehrfertig – quasi Fast Food.   Absolution fürs Pausenbrot Kressepflänzchen sind kleine Powerpakete. Denn Gartenkressen enthält Eisen, Calcium, Vitamin A und Folsäure. Ihr wird auch sonst allerhand gesundheitsförderne Wirkung nachgesagt. Also ran an die Kresseboxen [...]