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Think local ... I probably would have called this pasta "english garden pasta" because I harvested the wild garlic in the beautyful English Garden of Munich. The park is full of wild garlic every year! You can smell it everywhere. But I don't want to be bothered by the city of Munich for whatever delinquency [...]


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A childrens’ dream! ... In our family we create names for things we love. For example the word „Budelbest“ comes from best tasting noodle nest. Note: Budelbester is the plural. My younger daughter even ignores the very obvious „green“ herbs in this dish which happens not that often. On top, the Budelbester are perfect to [...]


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Wintertime is Pierogi time ... When it is cold outside I love to eat Pierogi Ruskie – this delicious mix between noodle and potato! In the original version the stuffing is with cottage cheese. But the german cottage cheese from the supermarkets has no taste at all, so I replaced it with curd cheese. [...]