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Fast Food ... My favorite fast food – quickly and easily prepared all year long. This is banana toast. All you have to do is to toast some slices of real good sourdough bread. While warm cover the toasted slices of bread with good salty butter. Cut the banana into halves and place them on [...]


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I do adore rhubarb! You might know the kind of desserts where you're layering crumbled meringues, whipped cream and frozen red fruits for several times in a big bowl and then you have to leave it into the fridge for about two hours. Then the frozen fruits are getting soft, cooling down the whipped cream... [...]


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Say yes to homemade bagels! ... You’ll need 2 days for preparation and you won't regret it. Yummy! 8 BAGELS INGREDIENTS 500 g flour, type 550 + some extra flour 1 package of dry yeast 1 pinch of vanilla powder 2 teaspoons of salt 1 teaspoon of sugar 1 heaped tablespoons of barley malt 25 [...]


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Late Breakfast Sometimes it needs herbs and nuts and lots of colors – for late breakfast or early lunch – it's a matter of personal definition. It is so easy to get in a good mood on a weekend, when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. But on a rainy, cloudy [...]


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Cool So finally I bought real good and quite expensive matcha powder to find out how I might profit from its tasty and healthy benefits. For example matcha ice cubes are a very good idea these days. Served in a nonalcoholic drink it turns out as miracle cure. (I guess mainly because of the [...]


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Cooking pleasure guaranteed! I'm really glad, that I found this site in the www. For me it is alway a pleasure to discover the healthy, delicious recipes and the appetising photos from Nancy Liguori Partington. She is no poser on instagram – she seriously knows how to cook and she is very productive. Yes, I'm [...]


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What a chance! After the weekend you stay with a nice amount of good and nasty food which is not eaten and leftover. What a treasure of time and taste this might be! However in my family it is not at all popular to prepare the same meal on two following days ... so I learned to be patient about my second [...]


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Green Goodness! ... Lately I'm experimenting on pancakes with the intention to make spinach a little bit more attractive for my kids. So I developed this receipt of buckwheat spinach super green pancakes with a knife point of green matcha powder to give my pancakes a healthier and greener nutritional aspect. They are really very delicious but I [...]


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A real beauty ... I asked my mother for some edible flowers from her very huge and impressing organic garden – to pimp up my breakfast a little bit and to make a real feast out of it! Just to get in good mood while eating breakfast on a working day. Here is the beautiful [...]